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Разводка на аванс для BMW 530

Разводка на аванс.  Два примера

переписка одного "продавца"  BMW 530 с нашим заказчиком.
Мы приводим оригинальный текст переписки покупателя и продавца, который нам предоставил один наш заказчик

Покупка БМВ X5

The car was in Munchen , Germany , because the car was my sister
car and she have died twe months ago and now it`s my proprety, and now it`s with me in
England,I have all the papers necesary to send it.
 And the car it`s registered in Germany.
As i told you i`m in England and I'll came to meet you in Germany if you're decided to buy it, so i was
decided to came in Germany with my car too because i have my cousin there, I think that if you're decided
to buy my car, i'll came in Munchen this week, you will test and drive the car. I remember you that to came in Munchen
  is an effort for me too so i`ll need a guaranty that you`ll be there;you're serious persson,and i'll do not the travel for nothing.
 So, YOU will ask a friend to come with you to Western Union Office. HE will make a transfer so that
HE will be the sender and YOU will be the receiver. YOU will receive the money from Western Union in Munchen Germany.
So the address of the receiver will be Munchen. In this way i`ll be sure that you`ll be there, and that you`ll buy the car...
You will send 20-30% of the total amount.Afte r i`ll receive your mail with the scanned paper from Western Union we will
agree on a time you`ll be in Munchen and where, so that we can meet and finalize the deal.

 When we will meet eachother we will go to Western Union and you`ll pick up the money and with the rest of money  you`ll bring, you will pay me for the car.
If you agree my way i`ll wait your mail.
If you don`t then don`t reply me cause i`ll not answer you back
That transfer that i`ve asked you to do is an insurance for me that
you`ll be in Munchen and i`ll be sure i`ll not come for nothing.
Thank you for your time and I am waiting your decision.

Dear Sirs,
    At the present time I am in Paris and I am planning to go to Augsburg next week it is in Germany.
 I need to buy a car for myself. And after buying a car I need to send it to Kazakhstan. And the company
is situated in Germany,Augsburg
    I will be glad if you can send me the photo of your car to this adress. I don't know to whom I wrote before
because I sour a lot of advertising for selling cars and I wrote to a lot of people there.
    Thank you very much.
[19:55:42] заказчик говорит: а вот еще
[19:55:45] заказчик говорит: Dear Sir,
First time i send you pics with my wife car bmw x5 is still for sale.
i want to tell you that my brother have a transport agenty hear in England and will be no problem to come to you with the car
but for I can come to you with the car i must be sure that you have the money.I want to have a warranty that this
is not a joke.With this service i am sure that you have the money and that you will wait me in your city.T

his service name is Western Union Money Trasfer.You must find the nearest Western Union agency and from there you must send 50%
of the money to your father name or to your brother name but in England.He don't need to live in England.You must do this because if you will
send the money to me then you can think that i will take the money and run.But if your father will be the receiver of the money then only he can pick up the money in England.
I want to be 100 % sure that you will wait me in your city and that this is not a joke.

After the transfer is made you must scan the receipt from WU and then send it in to my e-mail address attached so
 i can check.If you are agree then i will keep the car for you and after i will see the copy from the receipt i will take
 the car and come to you.When we will meet first of all we will go to Police so they can confirm you that the car it's
not stolen and after that to a mechanic.He can tell you if something is wrong with the car or not. If something rong
 with the car I will give you 1000 euor for your time so please trust me the car is like NEW.

After the car will be on your name and after everything will be OK then we will go to Western Union and you will change
the receiver name in to my name so i can get the money when i am back in England.
Western Union take comission for sending the money.This is not a problem because when we will meet in your country i
will give you back the money which you have paid for sending the money to England.
Or maybe you have a friend who is located in England to send him the money for I can meet with him and make sure that you are a serious man .
Thank you!

  Покупка Мерседес 320


Dear Alen,

    I would like to buy from you a Mercedes Benz

    I will be in Germany at the end of the next week. So can you come with the car to Germany.
    I will be glad to see you there and very happy if you can reduce the price for the car.

    And did you sell that BMW x5 or not. If not can you send me again pictures of the car.
    I would like to see it again and make a choise Mercedes or BMW

    Thank you very much.


    > Hello,     > My last price is 5500 Euro.
    > The car is registred in Germany but right now is located in England and it's LIKE NEW!!!!It has only 57339 km.
It was never been involved in accidents.It has no scratches or something else.I am the first owner of this car.T
his is my last price and the car it's not in leasing.I have all the papers of the car and the service book as well.
    > P.S. How do you want to do this ? you want me to come to you ( no extra charge).. or you want to come in England?
Please tell me where are you from?
    > Please tell me you have a friend in Germany because if you have one i can come in Germany
 with the car and we can meet there and is more simple for both.No problem if you want to come in England.This is my name and adress:
    > First name: Alen
    > Last name: Wiliam
    > Adress: 42 Henningham Road
    > City: London
    > Postal code: N17 7DT
    > Country: United Kingdom
    > So i think is more simple to meet in Germany because the car is still register in Germany and we can
 finish the deal there and after that you will go with the car at your home and i will go with the airplane back in London.
    > Or maibe you want to use a shiping company to deliverry to you the car with all warranty and all papers on your name and adress?
    > Please tell me if you are agree and let's start the deal because i have a lot of customers and i want to sell the car.
    > Thank you!
    > Alen Wiliam
    > заказчик@mail.ru schrieb:
    > We are interested in your vehicle. Please contact us:
    > Name : заказчик
    > Email :заказчик@mail.ru
    > Phone :
    > Nachricht : Hello,
    > Where is you car is located. I would like to come and see it in Germany between 15 and 18 November. If it possible to reduce the price of car to 5500 euro.
    > Thanks
    > Bye
    > ----------------------------
    > Vehicle details
    > BMW x5
    > Price : 7000 EUR
    > URL : http://WebMobil24.com/web/de/suchen/p/index.htm?showid=45435775
    > ----------------------------
    > Your WebMobil24 Team
    > http://WebMobil24.com

Переводим с английского интернет переводчиком. Тест понять можно..

Автомобиль был в Мунчен, Германии, так как машина была моя сестра
машину, и она умерли twe месяцев назад, и теперь он ждет моего proprety, и теперь он ждет со мной в
Англии, я имею все необходимые документы, чтобы отправить его.
  И автомобиля, `ы, зарегистрированных в Германии.
Как я сказал вам я `м в Англии, и я пришел встретиться с Вами в Германии, если вы решили купить,
 так я было решил пришли в Германии с моей машине тоже, поскольку я, что я двоюродный брат там,
я думаю, что Если вы решили купить моей машине, я пришел в Мунчен этой неделе вы будете тестировать
и привода автомобиля. Я помню, что вы пришли в Мунчен является попыткой для меня это слишком
я `все нужно гарантийное`, что вы все там; вы серьезные persson, а я не путевые ничего.

Итак, ВЫ спросит другу прийти с вами в Western Union Управления. Его сделает передачу так, что Его будут отправителя
и ВАМ будет приемником. ВАС получит денег от Western Union в Мунчен Germany.So адрес приемника будет Мунчен.
Таким образом я `считайте, что полдела Убедитесь, что` все там, и что вы все `купить автомобиль ...

Вы направить 20-30% от общего amount.Afte ри` все получают почту с сканируемого документа от Western Union
мы договориться о времени вам `считайте, что полдела в Мунчен и где, чтобы мы могли собраться и завершить сделку.

Когда мы выполним eachother мы пойдем по Western Union и вы все `забрать деньги и с остальными` деньги вы все довести, Вы будете платить мне на машине.
Если Вы согласны мне я `все ждать почту.
Если Вы не затем `т` т не ответ мне дело я `все не ответить вам перезвонить
Эта передача, что я `кажется просил Вас сделать - это страхование мне, что
`Вы считайте, что полдела в Мунчен` я и все будут уверены, что я `не все ничего.
Спасибо за Ваше время и я ожидаю вашего решения.
Далле текст переписки с наши заказчиком

dragover="true" align="justify">Уважаемые господа,> Я планирую посетить Аугсбург
следующей неделе в Германии. Мне нужно, чтобы купить машину для себя. И после приобретения автомобиля мне нужно,
 чтобы отправить его в Казахстан. И компания находится в Германии, Аугсбург

Я буду рад, если вы можете послать мне фото Вашего автомобиля на этот адрес. Я не знаю, кому я написал,
 потому что я до сметаной много рекламы о продаже автомобилей, и я написал много людей.
Большое спасибо.
Bye. Это классический пример "разводки"!

Ответ Augsburg-Auto:  
Да конечно, обе эти машины примеры очень  распостраненных  схема получения аванса от доверчивых покупателей или от покупателей, которые вопреки здравому смыслу хотят купить автомобиль дешево !

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